Friday, January 14, 2011

Simple Burritos

This is very random, but I just thought of sharing this simple lunch we ate today. My sister used to work at a fast food restaurant (if you've seen Napolean Dynamite, then you've probably know where I'm talking about) She said the way they did burritos was by mixing a can of refried beans with a half can or so of mild enchilada sauce, and then topping with shredded cheese and heating.

It makes a great tasting burrito, a lot like any bean and cheese burrito you would buy at a taco joint. They're yummy and easy! I'm not sure if I have ever made them for my kids, but today at lunch they ate 'em up. (Make sure to heat up your tortillas to make them soft, tuck the bottom up, and then roll. It will help with dripping out).

Enjoy these silly pictures! And go make an easy lunch! (or really quick dinner)


  1. Yum Amy! I am going to do this tomorrow!

  2. Mmmm! Bad idea to look at this blog when I'm STARVING!