Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mom's Honey Wheat Bread Recipe

I have been asked a few times for this recipe. I make wheat bread every Monday. My boys are really picky eaters and I always feel they don't get enough good stuff in their bodies. They love toast, sandwiches and bread and butter. I decided to make my bread from scratch so I was sure they were getting at least one good thing each day. I grind my wheat, which I love because I am actually using my food storage. The thing above is my wheat grinder. It fits right on my Kitchenetics mixer. I love it!

This is the contraption that my Mom and I both use for our bread. It makes it so easy.

Honey Wheat Bread Recipe
This bread recipe uses wheat and white flour. It's the best recipe I've found for bread that is softer, but uses wheat flour and honey.
First I take a quart jar full of wheat and grind it with my wheat grinder.
After grinding the wheat it only takes 1 1/2 hours to make and bake this bread.
Turn on oven to lowest heat setting - (mine is 170 degrees) and warm the oven.
You will need:
5 cups hot tap water
2/3 cup oil
2/3 cup honey
2 tablespoons salt
3 tablespoons yeast (I use SAF yeast)
Approximately 7-8 cups wheat flour (all the wheat you ground)
" 6+ cups white flour - I don't really measure the white flour
1/4 cup dough enhancer (Macey's)
1/4 cup wheat gluten “
Makes 4 large loaves
Put KNEADING arm on mixer
Put hot tap water into bowl. Add 5 cups flour, oil, and honey. If you measure and add the oil before the honey it won't stick to the cup. Mix briefly until flour is wet. Add yeast and mix briefly again. Mix in the salt and the rest of the wheat flour along with the dough enhancer and gluten. Turn machine on to Speed I (lowest speed) and continue adding white flour a little at a time. Stop adding flour when dough has formed a mass, and is not sticking to the sides or bottom of the bowl.
When dough reaches this stage, you have added enough flour. Put on the lid and knead the dough on Speed II for 9 minutes.
When the dough is ready, take the bowl off, and put a light coating of oil on your hands and on your counter. Remove the dough from the bowl. The oil will allow you to work with the dough without it sticking to your hands or the work surface. Use the oil instead of more flour. The dough will be a little sticky.
After removing the dough from the bowl, pull the Kneading arm out of the dough.
With a bread mixer you don't have to do any kind of hand kneading or let the dough rise in the bowl.
Divide dough into four equal portions, shape loaves and put into greased pans.
Turn off warmed oven and put pans in oven to rise until dough is double in bulk.
(I set my timer for 28 minutes for it to rise.)
After the dough has risen in the pans and the timer has gone off, don't take the pans out of the oven.
Leave the pans in the oven and reset the temperature to 350 degrees.
Set the timer for 35 minutes. You may have to adjust the cooking time depending on how fast your oven cooks, or what size of bread pans you use. My pans are 9 5/8" x 5 1/2".
You can cover the bread with foil if it is getting too brown.
Bread is done when top crust is nicely browned and loaf has a hollow sound when "thumped". The bottom crust should also be a little browned.
Cool loaves on paper towel or dish towel. When completely cooled put in plastic bags.

Dough Enhancer and Wheat Gluten. Both of these we find at Maceys.

This is what the package for SAF yeast looks like. We buy ours in Utah at Maceys.

The finished product. I rub butter on the top of my bread right when it comes out of the oven.


  1. I totally feel the same way as you about homemade bread - at least they will get something healthy in their bodies. My boys wish I would religously make it every Monday, but sometimes I just don't get to it that often. That is the ONLY kind of bread that they will take to school in their lunches (or homemade rolls). I think I may have spoiled them a bit, but at least it is healthy right? I used to do the 1/2 and 1/2 of wheat and white flour, but my boys eat the 100% whole wheat just as well and you can't even tell the difference. I'll have to try your recipe with all wheat and see how it turns out. Fun blog. I can't believe you stay so TINY while making all of this good food. I don't know how you do it :)

  2. Hi Emily! Thanks for leaving a comment, it's fun to hear/meet other people through the blogging world! :) Thanks for the nice comment about Cole...we think he's pretty cute too, haha.